Rolitas private Guest House

Rolita`s Guesthouse
Old Grange Road 29
Mount Irvine
Trinidad & Tobago

Andreas Immensberger Danna and Alexis.


The Guest House is located 10 minutes from Tobago's airport station. At the airport to land planes on only a few days and after a short drive along the water you get into the hinterland, and it goes up on a hill - the Mt Irvine. From here you have a wonderful view over the Caribbean Sea, the Bucco Reef and the surrounding area.

The house is located on a small, little used road and day and night one can feel the wonderful peace.

Fast (10-15 minutes to reach on foot) are various small - often lonely - beaches, small bars, restaurants, mini markets and supermarkets.

Would you like to make a trip to offer, not just boats for snorkeling and diving, but rental cars are getting fast and cheap. Public buses run regularly throughout the island within walking distance. Similarly, let the local taxis are easy, which you also like to bring to your accommodation.

In 1-2 days you can reach many attractions of the island - or head to ease on a bicycle tour.

Rolitas Guest House

Since about 1994 the house is a popular place for holiday guests. After an English woman's house has now passed to a chosen successor, the good quality is further guaranteed.

The quietly located hotel offers you pure relaxation.

About the private parking lot and the house entrance takes you to the very privately held indoors. Nicely decorated with shells, flower beds, small, often flowering shrubs and flowers, one for each guest haueigener accessible and well maintained daily pool, hammock, garden, relaxation areas and tables and chairs for a small meal or a drink are available.

The friendly owners, a German native and his wife run, this private guest house a very committed and are absolutely helpful and give you many tips, which are in any guidebook.

Take advantage of all the services such as washing machine and dryer, bicycle hire, parking, cable TV (60 channels) in every room, fan and hot water are standard. Mosquito nets on request.

Lower House:

Abbey Grange

1 large room, 2 double beds, table, 2 chairs, night table, dresser, closet, separate toilet and shower with kl. Window, sink in room area, 1 window overlooking the pool and sea, a small window with views to Mt Irvine.

Terrassen-/Balkonbereich with 2 chairs and table to share with neighboring rooms overlooking the pool, garden and (some) Caribbean Sea

Wisteria Lodge

1 large room, 1 double bed, table, 2 chairs, chest of drawers, clothes closet, bathroom with separate shower with washbasin and a small window

Terrassen-/Balkonbereich with 2 chairs and table to share with neighboring room overlooking pool, garden and (some) Caribbean Sea

Upper house:

Both rooms are on request by a room door for Bigger groups can be used commonly.

Lion's Mane

1 large room, 2 double beds, 2 bedside tables, 2 chests of drawers, wardrobe, shower, toilet and washing area separate.

2 large windows overlooking the sea, small windows and bathroom with window

2 double beds, 2 bedside tables, wardrobe, 2 chests, 2 chairs and outdoor table for balcony overlooking the Caribbean

Mazzarine Stone

1 large room, 2 double beds, 1 bedside table, chest of drawers, wardrobe, shower and separate toilet, wash basin in between, 1 large window overlooking the sea, overlooking a small mountain, with a small bathroom window


Overall, the house has 3 kitchens - each with a gas stove with oven and 4 hobs, fridge, sink, fully furnished with dishes, cutlery, pots, pans, etc.


An on-site restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner - only to private guests.

For approx. U.S. $ 7 you get here already an extensive lunch or dinner.

Here is a small selection:


Toast, eggs, sausage / ham, coffee / tea / juice - 30 TT

Toast, sausage / ham, coffee / tea / juice - 30 TT

Toast, jam, cake, coffee / tea / juice - 25 TT

There are also cheese and white bread

Lunch / Dinner:

Grilled Chicken

Pork steak, goulash, steak, shish kebab, steak, fish, shrimp - from 40 TT

and as side dishes:

Pommes frites, pasta, potatoes, pasta salad, potato salad, green salad, tomato-cucumber salad, coleslaw,


Pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, soups, lasagne

Because the food is freshly prepared and personally, it must be ordered in the morning so that the ingredients can be bought fresh. The Guesthouse lies in approx. 10 autominutes from the airport of Tobago. On the airport only few airplanes land during the day and after a short journey along the water one reaches in the hinterland and it goes up on a hill - the Mt. Irvine. From here one has a marvellous view of the Caribbean Sea, the Bucco-Reef and the surroundings. The house lies with a small, hardly used street and day and one feels night the marvellous rest.